Here at the Five Minutes Til Midnight Food Co. we pride ourselves on taking a small idea, and making it even smaller.


One of our goals was to collaborate with other creators on food projects, and over the years, we’ve found quite a few projects that we’ve had the good fortunes to be a part of. Did you know our Lament Configuration Hot Sauce was a project born from another chef? They brought the idea to our collaboration kitchen and a month later, Lament was born. Recipe, packaging, marketing.

Here’s how it works: you have an idea that you THINK could work, and after you’ve answered a very basic question: ‘Does the market have a need?’, you come to us and we suss out the details. Recipe, packaging, marketing, sales, etc. We package you up under a sub-brand of Five Minutes Til, use our trailer to test market your product and you’re off to the races.

This means small runs for you. A low, low, cost of entry point. An established brand to test it out before investing time, tremendous amounts of money, and headache of your own. We make the idea small enough to get around, so you can concentrate on the big picture. We’ll sweat the small stuff.

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