Back To The Beginning… Quarterly Letter March 2019

So here we are – back to where we started. Since December, Five Minutes Til has purchased our trailer, brought it home, launched a successful Indiegogo campaign (thanks to all of you, our fine donators), and we’re on our way to receiving funds to finish it off.

First, we’ve got some business to attend to. For those of you who donated, we’re changing a few things up. First and foremost, The Cheese Board Members (which is all donators), will receive a Members Card that grants you discounts for the year – well, that’s changed – no longer will the Members Card give you discounts for just THIS season, but forever. It never expires. Ever. It’s a small token of thanks for just believing in the 60sqf of the paradiso called Midnighters Mobile Charcuterie. We thank you.

Two: for anyone who donated to the T-Shirt Perk? We need your sizes! That’s right, we aren’t tailors, so we’d rather not guess. Email them to us please.

Custom Charcuterie Board Donators – You went above and fed my soul, and fed your face. We salute you for rocking that sweet deal of a custom board that you get to keep. It’s a local pickup remember, so when we have our days nailed down, we’ll be sending out emails to you specifically, to schedule your pickup.

Full Package donators! Yes you guys! Ya’ll just killed it. You got the discount card, the board, the shirt, the sweet name enshrined on our doors as a supporter. We can’t thank you enough. What we need from you is simple: email us the FULL CORRECT spelling of your name (or what you want to be thanked as), and any art work you have (such as logos – EPS files appreciated) for the vinyl wrap. We’ll take it from there.

The Private Party – by all the meat and cheese gods, did you guys come through. You’ve got all the other perks, but you’re also getting a sweet charcuterie party at your house. This is going to rock. We can’t wait. So email us when you’d like your Private Party, and we’ll get in the calendar.

On a personal note – we thank you once again for all that you’ve done for us. The girls and myself appreciate your support.

As our launch gets closer, we’ll be organizing a pickup day where most, if not all, of the perk rewards can be picked up. Anything not picked up that day will be scheduled or mailed.

So what day is that? Well, we’re organizing a launch party and all of you are invited! Details to follow, so keep an eye on the clock.